4 thoughts on “Feeling something different about EMMA

    1. Yeah! It’s good. I’m having a ✨creativity crisis✨ and set everything to blank slates in a fit of frustration. 😬 I’m just not sure what I want to be making. And I’m trying to sort out that ADHD thing I apparently am


      1. Lately, the content I’ve enjoyed the most are just random vlogs by small youtubers about subjects that they’re passionate about. In fact, I thought GaminGHD’s “How Scooby Doo Explains The Matrix 4” was such an outstanding video essay that I finally broke down and became an ‘Executive Producer’ on Patreon.


      2. That’s amazing 😄 I spent eight hours watching a youtuber (Quinton Reviews) break down the children’s show Victorious the other day for a similar reason. I love when people just… tell you a story. 🙂 There’s not enough room for random passions in life


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