My Two Years on Medium

On New Year’s Eve, two years ago, I published my first Medium article. It wasn’t very good, of course. It felt momentous, and I invested a lot of my sense of self into the occasion. I had just published. Sort of. Two years later, the magic is slightly worn. I haven’t written for most of 2020, … Continue reading My Two Years on Medium


Making the Hard Choice to Block My Family on Medium

Should you hide thoughts from the people you love? Photo by Ilario Piatti on Unsplash It’s been a long time since I’ve written. 2019 was my year of writing. I made a debut on Medium on New Year’s, with an article about self-fulfillment and productivity that was written out of increasing isolation. I found myself sharing that article … Continue reading Making the Hard Choice to Block My Family on Medium

I Can’t Get No

Is there a difference between being happy and being satisfied? Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash There’s a line I kept feeding myself, before now. I wasn’t going to be one of those people who was always trying to change, because I wanted to be happy. To me, satisfaction and happiness were hand in hand. If nothing else, … Continue reading I Can’t Get No